How To Make ANY Diet Work For You

Diets have different purposes, with most of them designed to help you lose weight.

‘Fad diets’ describe diets that have the intention of dropping pounds quickly and without any need of exercise. Which ever diet you chose to go on it is important to follow these tips in order to lose the pounds you want, maintain your health, and maintain your weight long after you have finished your diet.

Motivation: you must have something to motivate you to stick to the diet, and not go off track along the way. This could be anything from the ideal body you want, a holiday that you are planning on going on, or even the feeling you’ll get as soon as you reach success. When you have that motivation in place you must be reminded of it whenever possible.

Put a picture of a celebrity with an amazing body on the fridge or place a card with a motivational quote in your purse… Whatever works for you!

Planning: it is important to plan your meals out before the day start. If you don’t know what you are going to eat the second you realise you’re hungry then you’re likely to reach for the nearest packet of chips. Prepare your meals and stick to those meals and those meals only.

Exercise: some diets claim that you do not need to exercise, however, exercising has more benefits than just weight loss. Exercise releases endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine: three chemicals that work together to help you feel great. When you feel great you are going to want to maintain that feeling and thus are more less likely to eat junk. Exercise also helps to suppress your appetite so sticking to your diet will become a lot easier.

Keep your schedule busy: keeping your day busy will mean the difference between sticking to the food you have planned to eat, and losing your motivation and binging on junk food. The truth is, when you’re bored you are much more susceptible to eat foods that are full of fat and sugar. Keep yourself busy and you won’t even notice the day go by, and that will be another day that you have succeeded on your diet!.

Eat enough: diets that claim you can lose 3 pounds in 3 days from eating 500 calories a day are rubbish. Your metabolism slows down from eating less than the required amount for your height and weight, and thus you will put it all back on once you have completed the diet. Never let yourself go hungry or you’ll just end up binging at the end. Instead, opt for salads, fruits and foods that have high amounts of fibre so that you feel full after every meal.